Bill had his start in the world of video production at a leading, nationally televised live home shopping network where he played many roles. Through the course of his 14-year tenure, he honed his uncanny ability to impact viewers in a way that moved them to take action; an ability that he now takes to the world of nonprofits, corporations and small to medium-sized businesses. In 2013, Bill launched Alms Creative primarily as a video agency for nonprofits. In 2018, Alms Creative took a larger role in the video production market by bringing it’s powerful storytelling techniques to businesses and corporations.

Bill is actively involved in his community where he serves as a city council representative and community leader. In 2020, he and his wife formed a nonprofit of their own to help families who have the same syndrome as his son. When not attending meetings, meeting with neighbors, filming or editing, Bill loves to travel the world.


Bill has an insatiable appetite for the medium of video and film. When thinking of solutions to problems, Bill often thinks in terms of video. A few of his passions for the not-too-distant future include filming documentaries, teaching high school students the art of video and film, forming an independent film festival, and so much more.